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YAT - Yet Another Terminal (C#) 1.28.0-beta Tools 4.2 Community

Submitted by user MASSHUU; MIT; 2024-04-03

YAT stands for Yet Another Terminal. The goal of this project is to create a real terminal integrated with Godot that allows you to perform actions whether in the game, editor, or user system. This is intended to facilitate game development, debugging, and prototyping.

The second goal, which is particularly important to me, is to make YAT as open as possible to change, personalization, and expansion, so that everyone can customize it as much as possible for their own project.

Of course, creating such a complex and ambitious project is extremely difficult (especially alone), so it will still be in beta for a long time to come.

Over 35 built-in commands
Small size footprint (< 256 KB)
Custom commands (regular & threaded), extensions and windows
Automatic input validation (arguments, options)
Debug screen (FPS, CPU, GPU, etc.)
Access to the node tree (experimental)
Plugin customization
Quick Commands
Script templates
Ability to restrict access to the plugin

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