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Heightmap terrain 1.3.1 3D Tools 3.1 Community

Submitted by user Zylann; MIT; 2020-06-13

Heightmap-based terrain for Godot 3.1 and 3.2.
It supports collision, texture painting, colouring, holes, level of detail, and grass.

Changes in 1.3.1:

- Fixed new terrain maps saving with wrong import settings

Changes in 1.3:

- Added new Array shader allowing up to 256 ground textures, and new docs about this workflow
- Added shaded view to the minimap with a camera icon, quadtree view is optional
- Added simple "low-poly" shader without textures
- Added per-texture color factor and UV scale to the main Classic4 shader (thanks Tinmanjuggernaut)
- Added ability to specify a custom detail mesh, and bundled a few in `models/` folder
- Added an option to choose endianess when importing a raw heightmap
- Added EXR to heightmap import options
- Reworked ground texture selector to display packed and array textures correctly
- The default shader is now CLASSIC4_LITE, the other one needs extra setup
- Fixed rare terrain chunk popping due to vertical size wrongly rounded
- Fixed undo not working correctly with more than one detail layer
- Fixed texture editor allowing to load textures from outside the project (which doesn't work)
- Fixed texture editor not allowing to choose JPG images
- Fixed global translation not being taken into account (local was used as global)
- Fixed Godot crashing or running out of memory after lots of edits

Previous changelogs: https://github.com/Zylann/godot_heightmap_plugin/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md

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