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Godot3To4FileConversion 1.0.3 Scripts 4.0 Community

Submitted by user DaveTheCoder; MIT; 2023-12-18

Godot3To4FileConversion is an addon consisting of three GDScript classes that enable certain files written in Godot 3 to be read in Godot 4.

Specifically, it provides solutions for these problems:

* Encryption change in class ConfigFile

* Encryption change in class File (Godot 3) / FileAccess (Godot 4)

* File.store_var()/FileAccess.get_var() incompatibility due to changes in the enum Variant.Type values

Tested in Godot 4.0.4-stable, 4.1.3-stable and 4.2.1-stable, using test files created in Godot 3.5.3-stable.

If installing from the Godot Editor AssetLib tab, only the folder addons/godot_3_to_4_file_conversion/ needs to be installed.

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