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Panel3D 0.3.1 3D Tools 4.2 Community

Submitted by user zodiepupper; MIT; 2024-04-12

Load any scene into a flat panel in 3D.
Useful for easily making UI in 3D.
To use, just create a Panel3D and set the scene to load. To interact with the panels you need to use a raycast that sends the correct data to the panel.
If you have any issues, my email is [email protected], or you can find zodiepupper in the Godot Discord server.

This plugin is designed with simulated environments in mind, which means you will need to do some work to integrate it into whatever interaction methods your game uses. there is an example scene you can dissect for information and code samples that show how to interact with the panels.

Feel free to just rip that raycast with it's code out of the example and use it. It should allow mouse interaction by default.

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