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Worldmap Builder - Skill Trees and Level Select Menus 0.2.2 Tools 4.0 Community

Submitted by user don-tnowe; MIT; 2024-03-29

Addon for creating skill trees and level selection menus, with an in-viewport editor.

- Paths: lines, arcs, and Bézier curves
- Graphs with a custom arrangement of points and connections
- Move points right in the editor viewport, with snapping and a right-click menu

- ⚡ You must enable the plugin! Project -> Settings -> Plugins
- Add a WorldmapView to your scene.
- Add some worldmap items as children of the WorldmapView. WorldmapGraphs offer a branching tree/graph structure where nodes and connections can be added anywhere. WorldmapPaths are a non-branching path: a line, an arc, or a Bézier curve.
- If you have multiple worldmap items, connect them by placing an empty point above a non-empty point (it's empty if data is set to <empty>. Point index is shown above it if it's selected). If in a WorldmapGraph, you must right-click it to mark as an end connection.
- Use WorldmapView's methods! Check out the example/ folder for example usage.

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