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Submitted by user dilaura_exp; MIT; 2023-10-09

Custom Inspector helper for Godot C# script.

Easily create a button in Inspector using [ExportButton] attribute.

How to Use:
- Add "using Calcatz.EzpzInspector;" on top of your script.
- Add [Tool] attribute on top of your class declaration. This will enable your C# script to be instantiated, thus, modifiable during edit mode.
- Add [ExportButton] attribute on top of your method declaration to create a button for that method. You can also use this for static methods. Please note that the button currently will not pass arguments.
- Add [UpperDescription("My description")] attribute on top of your field or property declaration to add additional label on top of the exported property.
- Since [Tool] attribute is used, other Godot's built-in methods will also be executed during edit mode. In this case, make sure to use "Engine.IsEditorHint()" to prevent your certain code from being executed during edit mode.

Here are optional attributes that you can add to do more advanced stylings:
- Add [ControlMargin] on top of your method to add margins to the button.
- Add [ControlSize] on top of your method to change the size of the button.
- Add [ControlModulateColor] on top of your method to modulate the color of the button. This will modulate based on the button style of your theme.
Note: For stylings, make sure the method also has ExportButton attribute. If target is a field or property, make sure it has UpperDescription attribute. Or else, the styling attributes will have no target.

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