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rTexPacker Importer 0.2 Misc 4.1 Community

Submitted by user IntangibleMatter; MIT; 2023-10-23

A simple addon that automatically imports rTexPacker atlases. Currently only supports all* rTexturePacker atlas files!

*Currently lacks support for .h files, embedded texture rTPb files, and rTPa chunk PNGs.

## Functionality:

- [x] Importing sheets as `AtlasTextures`
- [x] Importing `.rtpa`, and `.rtpb` files
- [x] Importing JSON
- [x] Importing XML

The JSON and XML importers are disabled by default, but can be enabled in
project settings.

## Use

Just output the rTexturePacker data and sheets wherever you want them in the
project, and watch as they get exported to a subfolder of the folder you
placed the file in, named after the file that was imported.

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