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Pinned Debugger Tabs 3.x 1.0 Tools 3.1 Community

Submitted by user Wierdox; MIT; 2023-09-26

Auto opens a pinned Debugger tab on project run.

To pin a tab, press the newly added Pin Tab button on the Debugger tab bar.
You can unpin by pressing Unpin.
You can also shift the pin by going to a new tab and pressing Shift Pin.

This plugin overrides editor setting "run/output/always_open_output_on_play".

If the plugin seems to fail, try editing the first variable "time_until_open", it might depend on your PC.

For 3.x users, make note that this plugin will cancel out the yellow/red icon on Errors tab if pinned, and the pin may disappear on project run.
That is only visual though. And due to the feature not existing, pressing the blue pin on a pinned tab to unpin it isn't in this version.

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