KayKit Character Pack : Adventurers's icon

KayKit Character Pack : Adventurers 1.0 3D Tools 4.1 Community

Submitted by user KayKit Game Assets; CC0; 2024-04-26

The Adventurers Character Pack is a bundle of characters assets that contain 4 stylised low-poly character assets. The characters are fully rigged and animated and come with 75 animations and 25+ accessories.


- 4 fully textured/rigged/animated dungeon themed characters.
- 25+ weapons/accessories including swords/shields/axes/crossbows/arrows/staff/wand and more! So your adventurers will always have the right tool at hand!
- 75 animations
- Textured using a single gradient atlas texture (1024x1024) that can be downsampled to 128x128 for further optimization
- Free for personal and commercial use, no attribution required. (CC0 Licensed)

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