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FloorArchitect v0.3.1a Scripts 4.1 Community

Submitted by user &Drejzer; MIT; 2023-10-18

Godot plugin for generating dungeon floor layouts for rogue-lites like BoI or Moonlighter.

Adds new nodes "Base" nodes do not generate levels on their own, they are set up for inheritance.
"Sampler" nodes first generate a Maze in their setup(seed:) function and then sample parts of the maze.

the generated layout is stored in "cells" member as a dictionary of CellData structures, addressed by their positions on the grid.

Utils provides static methods for:
getting all dead ends and crossroads
getting all bridges and articulation points (while also checking for connectivity)
getting all shortest distances (and all shortest paths), by running Dijkstra's algorithm from each cell or by using Floyd-Warshall (not recommended)

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