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Submitted by user Nines2B; MIT; 2023-10-03

JSON-formatted logger

**Feature Highlights:**

1. **Flexible Log Levels:** With Log, you have full control over the level of detail you want in your logs. Choose from DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR, or FATAL log levels to focus on what truly matters.

2. **Customizable Prefix and Arguments:** Personalize your logs by adding prefixes and custom arguments. Tailor your messages to suit your specific needs, making debugging a breeze.

3. **Automatic Log File Generation:** Log ensures that your logs are stored safely and systematically. Choose to write logs to a file with just a simple configuration setting.

4. **Thread-Safe Debugging:** Debugging outside the main thread? No problem! Log will alert you and provide debug information while maintaining thread safety.

5. **JSON Serialization:** Seamlessly serialize your log messages to JSON format. This feature simplifies log analysis and enhances data readability.


GodotLogger.info("current node",self)

INFO [31/7/2023 17:13:30] current node {"auto_start":-1,"current_members":0,"editor_description":"","lobby_id":0,"lobby_mode":"default","lobby_name":"Test","max_memebers":4,"meta":{},"min_members":1,"name":"","process_mode":0,"process_physics_priority":0,"process_priority":0,"process_thread_group":0,"process_thread_group_order":0,"process_thread_messages":0,"scene_file_path":"","unique_name_in_owner":false,"visablity":2}

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