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Submitted by user andrej88; MIT; 2023-07-25

This addon allows easier editing of the `region_rect` property of Sprite2D nodes. The addon was made for Godot 4.1.1. It may work for 4.0 releases but I haven't tested them.

When a Sprite2D is selected in the editor and has `region_enabled` checked, additional handles will appear on each side of the Sprite2D. Dragging these handles will resize the region rect in the given direction while adjusting the node's position and the region's x/y/width/height properties such that the opposite edge stays put.

- The Sprite2D must have `global_rotation` set to a multiple of 2π (e.g. 0). I didn't want to have to figure out how to measure drag distance along any arbitrary axis, but pull requests are welcome.
- The handles will always snap to 8px increments. Godot doesn't provide a way for addons to fetch the editor's configured snap settings (see: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/11180). You can change the snap distance for your project's needs by changing the `grid_size` constant in `plugin.gd`.

As a bonus, the plugin adds an "autorect" button to the Sprite2D inspector. When pressed, it sets `region_enabled` to true and sets the region rect to the size of the image. This is in contrast to the default behavior which just sets the rect's dimensions to 0 when you enable the region.

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