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Submitted by user Zylann; MIT; 2023-08-06

This contains a simple atmosphere shader usable on planets. I developped this for a tech demo I'm working on, so I thought of making it an addon.

- Comes in two versions, one with fake colors and another with light scattering
- Can be seen from inside like regular fog if you want to land on the planet
- Switches to a cube mesh when seen from far away so multiple atmospheres can be drawn at lower cost
- Includes experimental volumetric clouds

Changes in 0.4:

- Added `force_fullscreen` option to allow previewing the inside of the atmosphere in the editor
- Added atmosphere ambient color to v2 atmosphere so nights are no longer pitch black
- Added `*_shader_parameter()` methods, deprecated `*_shader_param` methods
- Slightly improved clouds alpha blending
- Decoupled alpha from color in v2 atmosphere so it no longer stops rendering in the dark side of planets
- Fixed properties list not updating when setting a different shader

Changes in 0.3:

- Added more realistic atmosphere model based on Sebastian Lague's Coding Adventure
- Added automatic optical depth baking using a viewport (Vulkan renderer not needed)
- Added raymarched and animated clouds (current version is imperfect due to tradeoffs)
- Added NoiseCubemap resource to generate procedural cloud coverage textures
- Added small demo

Changes in 0.2:

- Ported to Godot 4
- Added option to blend ground depth with a sphere, to hide precision lost at high distances

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