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Fire Bullets 1.0.0 2D Tools 4.0 Community

Submitted by user MelonDev; MIT; 2023-07-14

This tool will allow you to quickly make a node shoot a bullet(s).

Gun node:
number of bullets to be fired
cooldown(cooldown before firing again)
angle variance(for accurate/inaccurate shots)
customizable shooting arc(like in shotguns)
customizable spawn point
debugs! - for spawnpoint and shoot_arc

Bullet node:
delete after( time to delete the bullet node after shooting )
Documentation on all methods!

install the addon in the assetlib or in the github(code -> download zip)
then put that in your addons/ folder in you godot project:)

How to use:
1.create a new scene and add bullet node and save it as a scene. another scene, add the gun node and put your bullet scene in the "bullet" paramater in the inspector.
3.then set the other paramters of the gun node to your fit your game. can fire the gun by calling Gun.shoot(speed,angle)

thats all! more description in the documentation!

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