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Mod Loader Dev Tool 0.1.2 Tools 3.5 Community

Submitted by user GodotModding; MIT; 2023-07-17

Tool to improve the development experience when creating Godot Mod Loader mods.

- Simple mod zipping process with 7zip to ensure proper format for ModLoader
--- Steam Workshop
--- Thunderstore (soon™)
- Easy editing of the mod's `manifest.json` file, with validation
- Json Schema editor for the mod's configuration settings, with validation (soon™)
- Advanced right click context menu in the file system
--- Create new script override file
--- Create new asset overwrite
- Create a simple mod skeleton with a single click

Click the "Mod Tool" button in the Godot editor's top menu bar to open the Mod Tool window.

Right click on a file in the FileSystem dock to get context actions.

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