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Godot XR Handtracking Toolkit 1.0 3D Tools 4.0 Community

Submitted by user RevolNoom; MIT; 2023-10-09

See README.md for more details, and documentation on each tool object.


- **Modules to work with hand poses:**
- Create your own templates of hand poses as JSON, and use them for recognization.
- Match tracked-hand pose to a pose from JSON templates in realtime.

- **Module for object picking:**
- Defines where object can be picked and what hand pose allows picking.
- Snapping object to hand when picked
- Supports 3 pickup modes:
+ *On pose change*: Change your hand pose to pick up object. Useful for grabbing gesture.
+ *On touch*: The object gets picked up when touched
+ *Ranged pickup*: Work like *On pose change*, but use Raycast.
- A template for pickable objects. You can customize its behavior to fit your needs.

- **A keyboard with floating buttons.** (This was actually the whole point for my graduation research).


- Pickup doesn't work with controllers.
- Closest-object highlighting.
- Good physics for hand.

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