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Wave Function Collapse (WFC) 1.3 Scripts 4.2 Community

Submitted by user ab; MIT; 2023-12-08

WFC (Wave Function Collapse) and generic constraint satisfaction problem solver implementation for Godot 4.

- Backtracking support. This addon implements backtracking, so it's possible to generate maps that are guaranteed to have no broken cells.
- Multithreading. Generation of a 2d map using WFC algorithm can be split into few tasks. Some of the tasks can be executed concurrently. The algorithm is able to detect most of cases when it's impossible to split the task and fallback to single-threaded generation in such cases.
- Learning from example. 2d WFC generator infers rules from an example of a valid map.
- Supports different node types - TileMap (including maps with hexagonal tilesets) and GridMap. Can be extended to support more node types.
- Contains a generic implementation of a constraint-solving algorithm on top of which a WFC algorithm is built. This generic algorithm implementation can be reused for tasks different from WFC.

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