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Submitted by user GodotModding; CC0; 2023-07-14

A Generalized Mod Loader for GDScript-based Godot Games

The mod loader provides a convenient solution for users to create and distribute mods for your games in the form of zipped files/resource packs. The key feature is the ability to modify existing scripts without altering and redistributing the original game files.

It supports Steam Workshop and Thunderstore directly for mod distribution.

To set up the mod loader, simply add two autoload singletons, and you're good to go. Detailed instructions can be found here: https://github.com/GodotModding/godot-mod-loader/wiki/Godot-Project-Setup

For any further documentation, visit: https://github.com/GodotModding/godot-mod-loader/wiki

Noteworthy games that currently utilize this mod loader include Brotato, Dome Keeper, and Endoparasitic.

Keep in mind that simply installing the mod loader won't make your game easy to mod. The moddability of a game also depends on code quality, especially good separation of concerns.

Warning: enabling modding for your game through this mod loader will lead to people decompiling your game. If this is not something you want (though it will always be possible with Godot), you will have to use a different approach to modding. For examples, check out Luck be a Landlord modding or the WASM project.
Furthermore, it's worth mentioning that this mod loader doesn't incorporate any kind of sandboxing. Mod developers will have the ability to modify nearly every aspect of the game. We are actively working on a solution to address this, but even then there will be workarounds.

Credits: The mod loader is based on the brilliant work done for Delta-V-Modding https://gitlab.com/Delta-V-Modding/Mods.
The core developers are KANA, Darkly77, Ste, and otDan, with additional code contributions by other members of the modding community.

Feel free to join our discord for questions, ideas, and support. https://discord.gg/J5AvdFK4mw

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