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Godot Road Generator 0.4.0 3D Tools 3.5 Community

Submitted by user theduckcow; MIT; 2023-11-30

A godot 3.x plugin to create 3D highways, streets, and paths with ease.

Features include:
- Fully custom geometry extending the 3D Path node, for perfectly tiled road seams and no holes or gaps.
- Four custom nodes (RoadManager, RoadContainer, RoadPoint, and RoadLane) for defining your streets
- The ability to define arbitrary number of lanes and other parameters on a per-RoadPoint basis
- Procedural geometry for lane changes based on connected RoadPoints
- Automated collision mesh generation
- Automated AI lane paths created with neighbor-connectedness
- Visual feedback with custom viewport gizmos
- Quickly generate roads using interactive an interactive add mode and live connection tool

Coming soon:
- Support for intersections

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