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Wyvernshield 2 - Character Upgrades for Combat Systems 0.2.4 Scripts 4.0 Community

Submitted by user don-tnowe; MIT; 2024-01-19

Attach a bunch of trigger reactions to the reaction container, then do `reaction_container.hit_received(who, how, damage)` and all the reactions will contribute to the received hit.

- Reactions that change the outcome of an action based on conditions - can be attached and removed at runtime
- Stat modifications that support grouping changes to then remove together - when an item gets equipped or unequipped, for example
- Temporary stat changes and reactions, for status effects 'n' such
- Custom inspector view for reactions and stat modifications

Using code generation, provides one of the simplest possible API implementations with good performance. Just configure it in the database resource, and trigger the chain like a regular function!

Each item in the chain will call their own functions, modifying the result or reading from it to cause side effects.

For example reactions and a description of how they work, check example/trigger_reactions/reactions.gd.

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