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Extra Controls 0.3.1 Scripts 4.0 Community

Submitted by user don-tnowe; MIT; 2024-05-15

More control elements. Simple as.

- Theme Icon Button: I use it in my other plugins all the time! Grabs icon from theme by name.
- ScaleContainer: Scales children instead of resizing. With the integer scale setting, can be used for pixel-perfect viewports.
- MaxSizeContainer: Limits child size to a max size.
- Properties Box: Form to input values like you'd use the inspector. Strings, bools, numbers (sliders supported) and enums. Allows foldable groups.
- Unfolded Option Button: list of options, pick one or use as bit flags
- Child Transform Container: transform a Control's children while preserving minimum size
- Remote Transform Rect: transform a Control remotely similar to RemoteTransform2D/3D
- Flipped Split: anchored to the other side for resizing
- Data Dropper: passes drag-and-drop via signal
- View Switcher: keeps only one child visible

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