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Godot 4.1 3D Terrain Plugin (heightmap, mapbox) 1.0.2 3D Tools 4.1 Community

Submitted by user Sythelux; MIT; 2023-07-17

A 3D Terrain Tool Plugin written in .NET6/.NET7

Currently supported:
- Sculpting
- Holes
- Flatten
- Noise
- Smoothing
- Collider support for DEFAULT and Bullet
- Painting: On each splatmap channel
- Brushes: Smooth, Linear, Spherical, Tip by given radius, strength and fallof
- Importing and exporting heightmaps and splatmaps for 16bit raw images (industrial default)
- Mapbox Support
- 4 types of import formats
- Visual shader support with pre defined components
- open source

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