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Wyvernbox - Inventory System 1.3.12 Scripts 4.0 Community

Submitted by user don-tnowe; MIT; 2024-06-09

Yet another inventory system, made primarily for Action RPGs. Now for Godot 4!

- Drag stuff from addons/wyvernbox_prefabs into your scene. Should just work.
- Enabling the plugin optional, but highly recommended.
- If enabled, access the Documentation as you would in Godot - via the F1 key, then search.
- Items are defined through ItemType resources.
- For loot tables, make ItemInstantiators (each item, chance optional) and/or ItemGenerators (one from list, can be generated by script). For "or" logic or script-driven checks, make ItemPatterns.

- 4 inventory types, including those for multi-slot items, equipment, and theoretically-infinite (or count-limited) currencies
- all types are Container-compatible
- 2D and 3D ground items
- stacking and quick-transfer
- crafting with substitutes and random outcomes, merchants with randomized and limitable wares
- localizable equipment affixes (for your Incredible Club of Casual Murder)
- item search/filters, autosave
- custom inspector tables to map items to values in YOUR classes (like in ShopManager, ItemGenerator, ItemPattern objects)
- [NEW!!! (not actually, but it's back!!!)] Item Browser popup to easily drag-drop item types, generators and patterns into inspector tables.
- [NEW] hook up the GrabbedItemStack node's signals to a node to make input events do custom actions with grabbed items.

Try the example:
- Copy the example/ and addons/ folders into you project. DON'T unpack the entire repo zip, just these two.
- Enabling the plugin optional, but highly recommended.
- Launch test_2d.tscn

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