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Submitted by user toafloast; CC0; 2023-05-12

An easy to use add-on that keeps track of changes on common menu Control nodes through the use of signals, and giving the user to discard those changes later.
Quick Guide :
Simply drag the script onto a Node, hook up your Controls various "changed(value)" signals to it, and bind node path relative to the node with the attached ChangeTracker script. You're pretty much done- don't forget to save and load those settings using the built-in save-and-load systems, or to integrate it with your own saver/loader through the JSON converter/applier.
Comes with an example scene to show how it works.

Note :
It can actually be used to track a change in basically any node- you just need to add your specific Type, and which "property" you'd like to track to get_control_property function. It only accepts Nodes of type Control, simply change it to Node to accept any node.

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