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XR Kit 0.2.0 Scripts 4.2 Community

Submitted by user patrykkalinowski; MIT; 2023-11-17

XR Kit is a set of addons providing various features for XR development in Godot 4.

Complete description available at: https://github.com/patrykkalinowski/godot-xr-kit

Physics Movement:
Physics-based XR movement. Player hands collide with environment and can grab or push physics object in realistic manner. Player body can collide with physics objects and be moved around in space.

Hand Gesture Recognition:
Real-time recognition of hand poses based on predefined templates.

Smooth Input Filter:
Applies smoothing to XR hand movement using 1Euro filter. Supports hand and controller tracking. Can be used to reduce microstutter or simulate fake weight by increasing hand movement lag.

Cinematic View:
Smooth VR preview for recording in native monitor resolution.

"xr-kit/examples/playground.tscn" implements Physics Movement and Hand Gesture Recognition.
"xr-kit/examples/smooth_input_filter.tscn" implements Smooth Input Filter.

Plugin should work with every OpenXR runtime supporting Vulkan and using OpenXR hand tracking extension. It works best with SteamVR, as it simulates hand skeleton even when using controllers. In other runtimes, when using controllers, hands will not receive skeleton data and they will not work.

For plugin to be fully compatible with all OpenXR runtimes, it needs hand models with animations - which is planned, but not yet implemented.

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