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Dark Peace's BulletUpHell: BulletHell Engine (Godot 4) 4.4 2D Tools 4.0 Community

Submitted by user Dark Peace; MIT; 2024-04-09

BulletUpHell is the world's most feature-packed BulletHell Engine!
Trailer : https://youtu.be/L9ztZr9Ku2Q

As a BulletHell dev myself, my aim is to create a plugin able to recreate ALL the attack patterns present in your favorite bullethell games with easiness of use and flexibility in mind. It takes care of everything related to bullet spawning : patterns, bullet properties, event triggering,... Features include complex bullet movement (from math equations to custom drawn paths), advanced homing features, built-in animation and sound manager, ability to randomise everything, laser beams, and much more !

If you want more exclusive features, more updates, improved API, improved optimisation,... ? Then go for the improved version, BulletUpHell BLAST : https://bottled-up-studio.itch.io/godot-bullethell-plugin

Find the Godot 3 version on the V3.5 branch : https://github.com/Dark-Peace/BulletUpHell

Video tutorial to get started : https://youtu.be/YG4KW3iu1YA

Here is the full documentation (read it!) : https://rebrand.ly/Dark-Peace-Godot-Plugins

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