Heart Rate Plugin for HypeRate's icon

Heart Rate Plugin for HypeRate 2.0.2 Scripts 4.0 Community

Submitted by user HypeRate; GPLv2; 2024-05-02

HypeRate is an easy to integrate addon that enables you to use the players heart rate as game mechanic. By simply integrating HypeRate's API into your code, you can create innovative gameplay based on a stable service provided by HypeRate trusted by more than 55000+ users and streamers.

Important note about the license

Only the addon code itself is released into the public domain under the GPL 2.0 license.

The calling code (your application) can be licensed under any license you wish.

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With HypeRate you can provide your game with exciting and unforeseeable dynamics by setting heart rate thresholds to:

Adapt enemy spawn rates
Dynamic health recovery according to heart rate
Altered aiming in FPS games
Create an interesting Poker experience ;-)
and many many more!

Make your idea come to life with HypeRate - a trusted service that is compatible with more than 200+ devices and is also accessible for the user with a web application without the need for a smartphone.

HypeRate is free for users, API charges may apply.
Apply for API Key here: [https://www.hyperate.io/api]

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