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Submitted by user cafezinho; MIT; 2024-03-25

This tool allows you to simulate input on your XRControllers and XRCamera, without having to use a VR headset.

First, insert XRSimulator.tscn into Autoload.

Move your mouse to control the XRCamera, and scroll to control its height.

Press WASD to controll the left controller's joystick, and the arrow keys to control the right controller's joystick.

Press Q or E to select the left controller or the right controller, respectively.
With a controller selected, you can:
- move your mouse to control its position
- scroll to move closer or further away from the camera
- hold shift and move your mouse to rotate
- press Left Click to press Trigger (trigger_click and trigger)
- press Right Click to press Grip (grip_click and grip)
- On the alphanumeric keyboard, press 1 to 8, -, = and Enter to press or touch buttons
1 presses by_button
2 presses ax_button
3 presses by_touch
4 presses ax_touch
5 presses trigger_touch
6 presses grip_touch
7 presses secondary_click
8 presses secondary_touch
- presses primary_click
= presses primary_touch
Enter presses menu_button

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