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TileBitTools 1.1.0 2D Tools 4.1 Community

Submitted by user dandeliondino; MIT; 2023-07-10

TileBitTools is a Godot 4 plugin for autotile templates and terrain bit editing.

- Built-in autotile templates for all 3 terrain modes
* 3x3 minimal, 3x3 16-tile and 2x2 templates from Godot 3 documentation
* Blob, Wang and Wang 3-terrain templates to match Tilesetter's default export
* 256-tile Corners and Sides templates from TilePipe2 (requires plugin for use)
* Simple 9- and 4-tile templates

- Custom user template creation
- Bulk terrain bit editing buttons: Fill, Set Bits, and Clear
- Customization options in Project Settings

See github.com/dandeliondino/tile_bit_tools for full Readme and Wiki documentation

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