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Godot Mod Player for Godot Engine 4 4.2.2 Scripts 4.2 Community

Submitted by user arlez80; MIT; 2024-04-16

This is 100% pure GDScript embeddable Software Mod Player for Godot Engine 4.
Supported files: *.mod, *.xm

4.2.2 updates:
* Fixed 3xx/4xx "continue" parameter
* Fixed volume resets when has no instrument number
* Remove thread codes
* Remove old workaround codes
* Refactoring codes

4.2.0 updates:
* Implemented 9xx Sample Offset
* Fixed some errors

4.1.1 updates:
* Implemented full features for multi retrig note (0x1B)

4.1.0 updates:
* Fixed pitchbend in linear frequency mode.
* Implemented vibrato depth of volume command.
* Implemented global volume slide continue (parameter 0x0000).
* Implemented temporary multi retrig note.

4.0.1 updates:
* Fixed some clamp/max to clampf/clampi/maxf
* Fixed @export_files attribute

4.0.0 updates:
* Ported from Godot Engine 3 version.

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