Editor Icons Previewer for Godot 4's icon

Editor Icons Previewer for Godot 4 2.0.3 Tools 4.0 Community

Submitted by user Dark Peace; MIT; 2023-03-15

This plugin adds ability to preview all available icons in Godot Editor. Can be used to facilitate the process of developing Godot editor plugins without the need to import custom icons or any other design purpose.

With this updated version, you can save icons as png or directly copy paste the texture into a property in the inspector.

Full documentation has also been added : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y2aPsn72dOxQ-wBNGqLlQvrw9-SV_z12a1MradBglF4/edit?usp=sharing

Credits : The original 3.2 version has been created by Xrayez and I recently took over devellopement.

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