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Inspector Extender - Buttons, Warnings, More 1.2.2 Tools 4.0 Community

Submitted by user don-tnowe; MIT; 2024-05-21

A plugin for Godot 4 to extend the Inspector using just comments above properties. Nodes, Resources, and even non-tool scripts supported!

Supports these, and more (check for full list):

# @@message(message_getter) - call message_getter() to get a message. If empty string, hides the message. Has a message_warning and message_error variants.

# @@button_group(params) - assembles buttons. List comma-separated params, which can be strings "", colors #, or expressions. Each Expression must have a string Label preceding it, color optional.

# @@dict_table(params) and # @@resource_table(properties) - displays array of Resources or Dictionaries as a table. for dicts, params must be of format `key : type`.

# @@multi_array_table(property_names) - shows several typed array properties as a table, one array one column.

# @@show_if(expression) - hides property if expression is false.

For more, check out
More extensions coming soon!

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