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Wyvernshield - RPG Combat System Framework 0.1 Scripts 3.5 Community

Submitted by user don-tnowe; MIT; 2023-01-18

A framework of systems to make RPG combat easier to make. Includes damage exchange (via CombatMove), stat accumulation (via StatSheet), attachable scripts that happen on attack/damage/etc. and can modify outcome (via TriggerReaction), and status effects that add the latter two for a set time (StatusEffect).

For the files you might need, see Package Contents in README.md.


- Plugin does not need activation.
- Trigger properties are configured inside assets/wyvernshield/trigger_library.tres, or your own TriggerLibrary instance. The file can be moved anywhere.

- Combat Actor must be attached to every character;
- Hurtbox lets the actor take damage from DamageAreas.
- Weapon lets the actor attack if their combat moves create DamageAreas, or even a HeroWeapon to make it listen to the player!
- StatusCarrier lets the actor be affected by StatusEffects.

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