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Submitted by user don-tnowe; MIT; 2023-01-05

An addon including a class that provides various functions that go beyond randf() and randi() to provide various kinds of RNG.

The highlight is the Dynamic Wheel of Fortune, introducing weighted randomness with weights calculated based on the contents of a collection: requirements, limits and buffs.

Perfect for games presenting a selection of random upgrades which may require other upgrades to provide any use! The `DynamicWheelItem` allows defining the item's weights, categories/tags, conditional weight bonuses and count limits.

Includes classes (each instantiated through `` unless a Resource):
- `FortuneWheel`, a class providing the above described feature as well as simple weighted RNG;
- `DiceArray`, a class taking several of an `AdvancedDie` Resource to roll them and tally up the symbols that were rolled (as in the game or whatever else has different symbols on one die face);
- `CardDeck`, a class that emulates drawing from a pile of cards. Implementation close to - when you draw from `PILE_DRAW`, cards go to `PILE_IN_PLAY` until you move them to `PILE_DISCARD`. More custom piles can be added and existing ones reconfigured.

Check out the `example` folder for uses of these features.

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