Sprite Painter - Built-in Image Editor's icon

Sprite Painter - Built-in Image Editor 1.2.3 Tools 4.0 Community

Submitted by user don-tnowe; MIT; 2023-07-10

It paints sprites... and not just them.

Just press the colorful button above the viewport to edit a Node's texture, or an image file in the project folder!

- Classic, customizable tools, including the 1-pixel Pencil, the round Brush and Eraser, Solid and Gradient fill, Box and Wand selection, Shape and Line drawing;
- Clone, Fill and Normal Map brushes for more drawing possibilities;
- Some Scripts to change the whole image or just the selection;
- Quick operations on the image: flip, rotate, and resize;
- Hold Alt to pick color from image or editor window;
- Grid overlay for Sprites with Frames and Maps with Tiles;
- Region overlays for Atlastextures and Spriteframes;
- Full Undo support.

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