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Submitted by user k2kra; MIT; 2023-05-25

All-in-One Godot Engine runtime debugging tool.

In short, the core function of this plugin is to dynamically execute some simple expressions while the game is running. Of course, it is much more than that, in fact, this plugin is a collection of many practical tools. Here is a brief description of its features.

✅ Flexible Multi-window System. Any windows can be scaled, snapped, dragged and even become an independent os window.

✅ Out-of-the-box Developer Console. No need to define complex commands, enter any expression, execute it and get the result.

✅ Expression Monitoring. Create windows to see the results of expressions in real time.

✅ Quick Key Binding. Bind expressions to keys for quick cheating.

✅ Popup Notification. Pop up any message that deserves your attention.

✅ Powerful Inspector Generator. Automatically convert all export properties in your script into an inspector window.

✅ History Management. Manage all your input history, pin or merge history expressions.

✅ Logger System. Powered by the native file logging system, simple yet powerful.

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