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Submitted by user NullPointer; MIT; 2023-12-02

# GdUnit4 4.2.0
This version of GdUnit4 is based on Godot v4.2.stable.mono.official [46dc27791]

## Please read the following disclaimer carefully before proceeding!
Before you install the new version, you have to disable the plugin and delete.
- Deactivate the GdUnit4 plugin if you have installed
- Uninstall the current GdUnit version (delete the folder res://addons/gdUnit4)
- Restart Godot
- Install this version and restart Godot
- Activate the GdUnit4 plugin

* Support for writing and executing tests in GdScript or C#
* Embedded test Inspector in Godot for easy navigation of your test suites
* Convenient interface for running test-suites directly from Godot<br>
One of the main features of GdUnit4 is the ability to run test-suites directly from the Godot editor using the context menu. You can run test-suites from the File System panel, the Script Editor, or the GdUnit Inspector. To do this, simply right-click on the desired test-suite or test-case and select "Run Test(s)" from the context menu. This will run the selected tests and display the results in the GdUnit Inspector.<br>
You can create new test cases directly from the Script Editor by right-clicking on the function you want to test and selecting "Create Test Case" from the context menu.
* Fluent syntax for writing test cases that's easy to read and understand
* Configurable template for generating new test-suites when creating test-cases
* Wide range of assertion methods for verifying the behavior and output of your code
* Argument matchers for verifying that a function call was made with the expected arguments
* Test Fuzzing support for generating random inputs to test edge cases and boundary conditions
* Parameterized Tests (Test Cases) for testing functions with multiple sets of inputs and expected outputs
* Mocking classes to simulate behavior and define output for specific functions
* Spy feature for verifying that a function was called with the expected parameters
* Mocking or spying on scenes to simulate behavior and verify that certain functions were called
* Scene runner for simulating different kinds of inputs and actions, such as mouse clicks and keyboard inputs<br>
For example, you can simulate mouse clicks and keyboard inputs by calling the appropriate methods on the runner instance. Additionally, you can wait for a specific signal to be emitted by the scene, or you can wait for a specific function to return a certain value.
* Automatic update notifier to install the latest version of GdUnit from GitHub
* CI - Continuous Integration support
* Command line tool for running tests outside Godot editor
* Generates HTML report
* Generates JUnit XML report
* Visual Studio Test Adapter (coming soon)

- You are welcome to test in and send me your feedback
- You are welcome to suggest improvements
- You are welcome to report bugs

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