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Submitted by user NullPointer; MIT; 2023-03-27

<h1 align="center">GdUnit4 4.1.0</h1>
<h3 align="center">This version of GdUnit4 is based on Godot v4.0.stable.official [92bee43ad]</h3>

<h1 align="center">ATTENTION!</h1>
<h2 align="center">Please read the following disclaimer carefully before proceeding!</h2>

## Before you install the new version you have to disable the plugin and delete.
- Deactivate the GdUnit4 plugin if you have installed
- Deinstall the current GdUnit version (delete the folder res://addons/gdUnit4)
- Restart Godot
- Install this version and restart Godot
- Activate the GdUnit4 plugin
## C# support is currently disabled and will be added with 4.2.0 .

- Write and run tests in GdScript and full C# testing support
- Embedded test Inspector in the Godot to navigate over your test suites
- Run test-suite(s) by using the context menu on FileSystem, ScriptEditor or GdUnit Inspector
- Create test’s directly from the ScriptEditor
- A Configurable template for the creation of a new test-suite
- A spacious set of Asserts use to verify your code
- Argument matchers to verify the behavior of a function call by a specified argument type.
- Fluent syntax support
- Test Fuzzing support
- Parameterized Tests (Test Cases)
- Mocking a class to simulate the implementation which you define the output of certain function
- Spy on a instance to verify that a function has been called with certain parameters.
- Mock or Spy on a Scene
- Provides a scene runner to simulate interactions on a scene
- Simulate by Input events like mouse and/or keyboard
- Simulate scene processing by a certain number of frames
- Simulate scene proccessing by waiting for a specific signal
- Simulate scene proccessing by waiting for a specific function result
- Update Notifier to install latest version from GitHub
- Command Line Tool
- Visual Studio Code support by (GdUnit Test Explorer) extension

- You are welcome to test in and send me your feedback
- You are welcome to suggest improvements
- You are welcome to report bugs

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