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XSM 2.0 - eXtended State Machine 2.0.4 Tools 3.5 Community

Submitted by user atn; MIT; 2022-11-18

This eXtended State Machine is as easy as adding State nodes in your scene tree.

This plugin empowers you to easily create simple or complicated State Machines. Add one State Node as a root, give it three sub States and there you go, your first FSM is done.
But if you want it to chose between random substates or to play your animations automatically on enter, it is definitely also possible.

This is a personal implementation of StateCharts.
A basic platform example shows (kind of) the true power of xsm and godot!

With easy Node composition system, timers, animations, regions, random states, state loops, pending States, substates call, an active states list, arguments to a state_change, a history of active states and more

v 2.0.4:
- New icon for StateAnimation
- Added a fallback if find_state fails to find the name in the state_map
- few cosmetic fixes
v 2.0.3:
- Templates moved to addons directory
- fixed basic example

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