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Submitted by user wareya; CC0; 2022-10-17

Editor plugin for 3.x to help set up TileSet collisions and standard bitmasks more easily. Adds buttons to the inspector when editing TileSets.

For collisions, supports squares, convex hulls, and pixel-perfect scanlines (optimized). Also lets you delete all collisions at once from the current atlas/autotile or single tile.

For bitmasks, supports 3x3 minimal (standard layout), 3x3 minimal but with wildcards for the inside corners, and 2x2 (standard layout).

This plugin DOES NOT turn small tilesheets into large tilesheets. You will need something else for that.

NOTE: This plugin does slightly evil things to get the editor to update visuals properly after changing the bitmasks/collisions. It might break in newer Godot versions than 3.5. If that happens, feel free to make your own updated version! It's CC0.

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