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Edit Resources as Spreadsheet 1.2 Tools 3.5 Community

Submitted by user don-tnowe; MIT; 2022-09-23

A plugin for Godot 3 that adds a tab for editing folders of Resources as data tables.

- Select multiple cells in one column (Shift/Ctrl+Click) to edit them in the Inspector simultaneously.
- Multi-cell text editing with commonly used text navigation keybindings
- Copy-paste Text into Cells (one line, one cell)
- Special mass operations for some datatypes
- Multiply/add numbers
- Rotate color hues/adjust sat/val/RGB
- Chop texture into atlas, assign results to each selected resource
- Sort entries by column
- Search by evaluating GDScript expression
- Row stylization (color-type cells change look of the row until next color-type)
- Saves recently opened folders between sessions.

For available keybindings, please refer to the included About menu or

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