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ControlsRemap resource 1.2 Misc 4.0 Community

Submitted by user KoBeWi; MIT; 2024-04-15

A resource that can store your InputMap action keys/buttons. Allows for easy customization of controls.

To use:
- Create a new ControlsRemap resource.
- Customize your actions with set_action_key() or set_action_button() (they take InputEventKey and InputEventJoypadButton events)
- Use create_remap() to store the customized actions in ControlRemap
- Use ResourceSaver on the remap to save it to a file
- Later you can load() the resource and use apply_remap() to load the actions from remap.

Edit the "addons/ControlsRemap/action_list" project setting to customize your used actions.

Includes built-in documentation. Check the repo for more in-depth description.

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