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Universal Fade 1.2a Misc 4.0 Community

Submitted by user KoBeWi; MIT; 2023-02-10

Allows you to fade out and fade in the screen with a single line of code. No configuration needed, just install the addon and you can use it.

This will fade the screen to black over 1 second.

You can achieve scene transition with these 3 lines:
await Fade.fade_out().finished

The fade methods take these arguments (all optional):
time - time of the fade (in seconds). 1 by default
color - the color to fade to/from. Black by default
pattern - the fade pattern. See below. Empty string for no pattern (default)
reverse - if using pattern, this will reverse it. Default is false
smooth - if using pattern, this will make it smooth. Default is false

There's also a method for crossfading (i.e. interweawing two screens). It also takes two methods, where only one takes (optional) arguments:

Fade.crossfade_prepare(time, pattern, reverse, smooth)

The node comes with 5 patterns: Diagonal, Diamond, GradientHorizontal, GradientVertical, Noise, Swirl. Just type the name of the pattern to use it, e.g. Fade.fade_out(1, Color.BLACK, "Diamond")

You can add custom fade patterns by putting PNG files to "addons/UniversalFade/Patterns" folder. The name format is: "<name>.png", where <name> is what you will provide as argument for the method. They should use grayscale colors and they will fade from white to black.

Check the repo for more info and some GIFs.

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