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Debug Draw 3D 1.0.2 3D Tools 3.5 Community

Submitted by user DmitriySalnikov; MIT; 2023-03-27

This is an add-on for debug drawing in 3D and for some 2D overlays, which is written in C++ and can be used with GDScript or C#.

= Features =
3D Primitives:
* Arrow
* Billboard opaque square
* Box
* Camera Frustum
* Cylinder
* Gizmo
* Grid
* Line
* Line Path
* Line with Arrow
* Points
* Position 3D (3 crossing axes)
* Sphere

* Text (with grouping and coloring)
* FPS Graph
* Custom Graphs

Precompiled for:
* Windows
* Linux
* macOS
* Android

= Usage =
1. Copy 'addons/debug_draw_3d' to your 'addons' folder, create it if the folder doesn't exist
2. Rebuild the project if you use C#
3. Add 'addons/debug_draw_3d/' or/and 'addons/debug_draw_3d/DebugDrawCS.cs' to your project as autoload singleton
4. (Optionally) Enable the 'Debug Draw 3D for Editor' plugin to enable debug drawing support inside the editor

= Examples and documentation =
The sample code can be viewed by clicking on the "View code" button, or optionally, during installation, you can unpack the "debug_draw_examples" folder and examine its contents. To view the code for Godot 3, navigate to the corresponding branch.

Information about all functions and properties is provided inside wrapper scripts '' and 'DebugDrawCS.cs' in 'addons/debug_draw_3d/'.

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