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Slider Label 1.1 Misc 4.0 Community

Submitted by user KoBeWi; MIT; 2024-04-15

A customizable Label that displays a Slider value. Just put it under a Slider and it will work automatically. You can customize the label with any styles and it will show correctly with both HSlider and VSlider.

Comes with a few settings that controls when the label should appear (on click, on hover, on focus, always), placement (above or under the slider), separation from slider. There's also a property to specify custom format, e.g. "%s px" will add "px" suffix to your value.

Remember to enable the plugin for the node to appear on your list. SliderLabel needs to be a child of Slider node, but you can specify a custom path too.

Check the repository page for some cool GIFs.

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