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Better Tab Container 1.0 2D Tools 3.4 Testing

Submitted by user gducrash; MIT; 2022-08-08

This addon adds a container, that can have multiple tabs, which the user can change by swiping left or right on the screen. It is based on the ScrollContainer node.

Getting Started:
• Download the addon and place it into your project directory, either manually, or through the Asset Store
• Activate it in the Project Settings ("Plugins" tab)
• Add a BetterTabContainer node to a scene. It is recommended that it is either set to full rect or has a "Fill" horizontal size flag
• Add multiple nodes to it. Each child node counts as a separate tab, it can be any type of Control node. Please ignore the "ScrollContainer can only have one node" warning, I am actively trying to get rid of it
• Done!

Customizing the Node:
• You can set the "Current Tab" property in the inspector. By default, it is set to 0, meaning the first tab is active on start
• You can connect the "tab_switched" signal to another node to detect when it's changed
• If you want to change the tab through code (for example, if you have a list of tab buttons next to the container), you can call the switch_tab(tab) method
• You might also want to hide the horizontal scroll bar, as it does nothing
• If you want to be able to swipe on tabs, make sure to set all of the children containers' mouse filter to "Pass", so it detects input

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