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Combat Area 2D 1.2.0 2D Tools 3.2 Community

Submitted by user JoluMorsanDev; MIT; 2022-09-12

Three nodes that may help you saving a lot of time in collisions, life system, and screenshake:

-CombatArea (from Area2D): An area that can be body, damaging, healing, and item type, each one having different properties, and with the possibility of turn them off, make them destroyable on collision, adding a custom effect, and changing their "team".

-HealthBar (from TextureProgress): A texture progress that has hp (and max hp), can be inversed (to emit the die signal when the bar fills instead of become empty), and 3 custom events that will trigger depending on the hp.

-ScreenshakeCamera (from Camera2D): A camera that allows call a function to screenshake with defined time, amount, color and potency parameters.

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