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Asset Dropper v1.0.Beta Deleted 2D Tools 2.1 Community

Submitted by user ndee; MIT; 2019-10-09

Asset Dropper is a plugin for Godot that provides rapid 2D Level Editor tools. Quickly arrange assets in your scene.

Global Shortcuts (Shortcuts that can be used directly in the 2D Editor)

A -> will preview the to be dropped/drawn node (make sure to create a Asset Group first)
Ctrl + 0-9 -> will create an Asset Group of all selected nodes
Shift + 0-9 -> will append selected nodes to existing Asset Groups
0-9 -> will select the asset group
S -> opens the settings Popup
T -> set selected node as target node where all assets will be parented to (if not set, nodes will be placed where its instances are)
Preview Shortcuts (Shortcuts that can only be used when the preview is shown (A pressed))

F -> flip Asset horizontally
G -> flip Asset vertically
Left Mouse -> drop/draw Assset (based on the draw mode that is used)
Left Mouse + X -> constraint scaling to x axis
Left Mouse + Y -> constraint scaling to y axis

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