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Godot Finder 1.2 Tools 3.3 Testing

Submitted by user josaid; MIT; 2022-07-05

Plugin for the Godot Game Engine that helps you find files (scenes, scripts, resources, etc) across your entire project.


To bring up the finder simply press **shift** twice (as you would in any IntelliJ based IDE) or click the search icon in the toolbar (usually the top-right corner of the editor).

Besides intuitive mouse support, the finder window also have full keyboard support:

- Arrow keys or tab/shift+tab for single-item navigation
- Pageup and Pagedown for going to the first and last item, respectively
- Enter for opening the selected file
- Ctrl + F to quickly go back to the search box


The search functionality includes some QoL features that you should be aware:

- By default, it will use fuzzy matching, so whatever you type won't be taken literally
- Strict matching can be enabled by prepending the search with a bang ("!")
- You can search by multiple terms by separating them with a space, like "finder _on_clicked_property"
- If your search term contains a forward slash ("/"), it will exclusively match against the whole file path (except for script properties). The search can be further restricted by also prepending a bang to the search. This is useful when you want to match a specific directory
- Matching can be done by intials, by simply supplying a abbreviation of what you are searching for, like "ocp", when searching for "_on_clicked_property". This type of matching is done by checking for both snake_case and camelCase/PascalCase.

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