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Submitted by user Daylily; LGPLv3; 2022-07-02

Hierarchical Finite State Machine
​ As we all know, state machine is a very common design pattern. Here provide a powerful and easy-to-use Godot plugin for Hierarchical Finite State Machine with visual editing.

1. Perfect visual editor
2. Supports hierarchical nesting and can be used in complex situations
3. Diversified transition plans
4. Two development modes: signal callback and attached state script
5. Develop base GDscript, compatible with Godot basic version and mono version
6. **Allows `C#`script to attached as state script( New).**
7. **Suppoets `GDscript` and `C#` script to implement the logic of transition( New, full version only). **

​ Clone this repo and copy "addons" folder in your project,then Activate this plugin in Project Settings -> Plugins.

Demo video link:


​ Please obey the license(read LICENSE.md for more) when you using this plugin.

The full version is under a custom license.
The trial version is under the GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0.
Please jump to the github for read document.

​ This plugin still is a alpha version . there might have some bugs in this plugin . Please submit issues to report the bugs or offer proposals.

If this plugin can help you , please consider to sponsor me by getting the full version :



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