Third Person Controller Template -- Melee-Souls-Like's icon

Third Person Controller Template -- Melee-Souls-Like 1.0.3 Templates 3.4 Testing

Submitted by user catprisbrey; MIT; 2022-07-03

A template and demo character for a souls-like, melee focused 3rd person controller and camera. Follow the youtube video to see how to drop in your own characters. Features pre-mapped animations tree nodes, state based conditions, 360 camera, strafe, combo melee attacks, keyboard, mouse and and game-pad support. Quick applying template only requires:

-Key inputs be mapped

-A GLTF 3D model with animations too drop into the template (Idle, walk, run, jump, roll, attacks)

-These three files: PlayerTemplate.tscn,, and

This is a souls-like controller aimed at setting up character models with souls-like controller mechanics very quickly. Ideal for souls-like, or melee based platformers a la Zelda64.

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